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Online associate degrees: only four terms between you and a better career

The advantages of associate degree online 

By associate degree we mean a two year course offered by both Community Colleges and Universities, through which a student can gain the chosen qualification in a shorter time, if compared to the usual four year course needed for a bachelors. Associate degrees are particularly useful for those who have very little time to spend studying, as their curriculum tends to fit very well within the necessities and duties of full time working. Online associate degrees are even more helpful from this point of view, because both studying and exams can be fully carried out online, at one’s pace and any time of the day. Associate degrees online have certainly become a popular option for many and witnessed a 30% registration increase between 1997 and 2007.

The winning card of online associate degrees is they ultimately prepare students for some of the fastest growing jobs on the market, especially in the fields of healthcare and business. These jobs do not require a full bachelors degree, but often pay just as well as position obtainable with one. Because they are strongly representative of specialized technical positions, online associate degrees are extremely helpful for those working in healthcare and business, who would like to achieve a more professionally and financially rewarding position. They are also the perfect choice for all those professionals who were not required to hold a degree when they started working, but may now be required by law to have one in order to keep their position and salary.

What if I want to get a bachelors degree after an associate?

Furthering your education and complete a full, four year bachelors degree is an open option for all students who chose an online associate degree program. Many universities consider an online associate degree the equivalent of the first two years of a bachelors’, therefore offer to students the possibility to enroll in two extra years of study and obtain a full bachelors degree.

What about prices?

An online associate degree can cost anything between 5 And 8 thousand dollars and can be completed between 16 and 24 months. An online associate degree program, just as any online degree, will help you save a lot on transport and accommodation, as you will be able to study from the commodity of your own living room.

Below are the top associate degrees:

Virginia College Online Associate Degree
Ashworth College Online Associate Degree
Kaplan University Online Associate Degree
Colorado Technical University Online Associate Degree
Rio Salado College Online Associate Degree
Allied American University Online Associate Degree
University of Wisconsin Online Associate Degree
Western Kentucky University Online Associate Degree
Azusa Pacific Online University Online Associate Degree
Aspen University Online Associate Degree
Ivy Bridge College Online Associate Degree
American Military University Online Associate Degree
Ball State University Online Associate Degree
Fortis Online Associate Degree
Shorter University Online Associate Degree
Liberty University Online Associate Degree
Bethel University Online Associate Degree
Miller-Motte College Online Associate Degree