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Online doctorate degrees to further your education and increase your salary

Research, sense of enquiry and flexibility: the core of every online doctorate degree 

If you are thinking of an online doctoral degree, you are probably familiar with academia and have a distinct flair for research: online doctoral programs are perfect for those who have already Bachelors and Masters degrees, but wish to follow up on a particular topic of interest; among all types of academic degrees, a doctorate is particularly suitable for the online format. An online doctorate degree involves a fair amount of independent research and reading, and is less focused on classes and exams; moreover, online doctoral programs are particularly suitable for those individuals who may already have a successful career in a specific field and could use their own working experience as a starting point for doctoral research. A common requirement of many online doctorate degree programs is a trimestral of bi-annual series of on-campus seminars and meetings, which are a positive addition to individual research, during which the candidate can network and get to know other academics, all without disrupting family of work life.

Doctorate degree online: which subjects can I choose?

One can choose any topic for an online doctorate degree: some prefer to focus on a subject already familiar, either because of previous academic achievements or work. Others choose job-market friendly online doctorate degree programs, such as online doctorates in education or business and psychology. An online doctorate degree is not only essential for those who may seek an academic career, but also for those who may wish to achieve higher positions in their own firm. It is known many organizations do openly seek people with any form of doctorate to fill positions in the higher echelons of their own structure: this is because of the assurance of proficiency, leadership and organizational skills any PhD would have gained during his or her years of research and study.

Can I do it for free?

As in the case of bachelors and masters degrees, free online doctorate degrees are widely available from many, prestigious universities and can be easily selected on specialized websites. Some of the more popular free online doctorate degrees are within the field of divinity. The selection is amazingly broad and involves many prestigious universities all around the world, giving the opportunity to everybody to obtain an exceptional level of knowledgee from some of the best culture cradles in the US, Canada and Europe.

Below are the top doctorate degrees:

Walden University Online Doctorate Degree
Capella University Online Doctorate Degree
Northcentral University Online Doctorate Degree
Trident University Online Doctorate Degree
California Southern University Doctorate Degree
Liberty University Online Doctorate Degree
Colorado Technical University Online Doctorate Degree
Aspen University Online Doctorate Degree
University of Arkansas Online Doctorate Degree
Arcadia University Online Doctorate Degree
Mercer University Online Doctorate Degree
The George Washington University Online Doctorate Degree