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Why and How to get an online engineering degree

How an online engineering degree could change your career

Engineering is one of the vastest disciplines to be taught in university, as well as one of the most technically challenging. All forms of engineering are based on an in depth knowledge of mathematics, physics and science in general in order to create technologies helpful to many sectors of human life. Much of undergraduate work is also focused on lab, practical sessions, which are used to familiarize the student with the actual results of the formulas and equations learned in class.

Find Your Online Engineering Degree

From electrical and mechanical engineering, to the newest, amazing frontiers represented by biomedical engineering, an engineering degree could increase one’s career opportunities greatly. Online engineering degrees are largely available and are usually addressed to those who already have a bachelors in engineering: online masters engineering degrees are considered a useful enhancement to a bachelors and have the advantage of addressing students who are likely to be already familiar with the subject chosen, therefore not in need of as much practical tutoring. Many students who decide to pursue an online engineering degree may be already working in the field and may enroll in a masters degree to improve their career.

A variety of engineering degrees online

Online engineering degrees are available in virtually every section of engineering: online electrical engineering degrees and online mechanical engineering degrees represents typical choices for students, but many opt for a civil or petroleum engineering degree online. NC State University and Stanford offer some of the best and complete selection of online engineering degrees available in the US and, although placing an accent on graduate online engineering programs, they do offer a selection of online graduate diplomas and certificates with lower fees and less workload of a full online masters degree.

Free online engineering courses

Although it is hard to get free online engineering degrees, some universities offer a selection of credit gaining free online engineering courses, which could be a good option for those seeking to deepen their knowledge of a certain topic.

Below are the top online engineering degrees:

North Carolina State University Online Engineering Degree
Drexel University Online Engineering Degree
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Online Engineering Degree
Stanford University Online Engineering Degree
University of Colorado at Boulder Online Engineering Degree
University of North Dakota Online Engineering Degree
Purdue Online Engineering Degree
Ohio University Online Engineering Degree
University of Wisconsin Online Engineering Degree
Texas A&M University Online Petroleum Engineering Degree
Norwich University Online Civil Engineering Degree
New Jersey Institute of Technology Online Civil Engineering Degree
Stony Brook University Online Electrical Engineering Degree
Colorado Technical University Online Electrical Engineering Degree