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An online social work degree can be the key to the job of your life

An Online social work degree will make helping people your career

Online social work degree programs will allow you to advocate and help all those people, such as children and the elderly, who cannot stand up for themselves. Social workers are very often involved in helping immigrants and their family in their newly acquired fatherland. It must be kept in mind that social work and human service are not necessarily the same thing, although many basic duties of the social worker do correspond to those of people involved in human services.

To become a social worker, though, requires higher qualifications, because the social worker relates directly with people and gets involved at times in extremely delicate situations. If you opt for an online social services degree program, you will study about community outreach and how to run care facilities, as well as the ever important topic of mental health counseling.

The range of online degrees in social work is broad and includes online masters degree in social work, which can be followed on full time and part time basis. Universities such as Boston University invested a lot of effort and resources to make their online masters degree in social work program a strong alternative to on campus taught programs of similar form. Considering the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has prognosticated an increased necessity of social workers of at least 20% by 2018, it is truly the moment to invest in an online social work degree.

It is not only the prospect of such an increase of workforce that makes an online degree in social work a great option, but also the fact that an online degree will allow the student to engage in full time education without having to change too dramatically his or her family and professional life.

Portals such as offer a fair amount of free online social work degree courses from some of the best universities in the US like the University of Massachusetts, Boston, which offers courses in “Social attitudes and Public opinion” as well as Substance Abuse in the Family”, Notre Dame, offering an interesting introductory course in “Social Psychology”, as well as many courses from the Open University. All these courses are fully assessed and lead to full university credits.

Below are the top online social work degrees:

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Colorado State University Online Social Work Degree
University of New England Online Social Work Degree
Brescia University Online Social Work Degree
Fordham University Online Social Work Degree
Washburn University Online Social Work Degree
University of North Dakota Online Social Work Degree
University of Louisville Online Social Work Degree
Capella University Online Social Work Degree
Michigan State University Online Social Work Degree